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Hiking at Garibaldi Lake

September 9, 2008


Garibaldi Lake

Yesterday, I went hiking to Garibaldi Lake. It’s near Whistler, BC, Canada and because it’s so gorgeous, I couldn’t resist blogging about this place. The trail to the lake is nicely groomed, but completely uphill (not too steep, though). The bright side of this is that when you hike down, it’s all downhill!

For this 18 km hike (round trip), we took about 4 hours hiking up and 2.5 hours hiking down. There isn’t much to see until you have about 2 km left on the way up. When you do get there, you’ll get something like teasers of the lake to come. Oh, if you take a small detour while somewhere on the middle of the trail to see the Barrier, that’s also very nice.


Alpine flowers and a bee!

Oh! Bring bug spray if you stay around the lake or on the trail in the evening hours, there’s tons of bugs!

Something really cool (pun intended) is that the lake is FREEZING COLD! If you can stick your feet in for a few minutes, or even swim in the lake as we saw some people doing, I salute you. My feet were numb for minutes after only sticking them in the glacier-fed water for a few seconds… Okay, so we were having contests to see who could keep their feet in the longest. Haha~


The lake is a beautiful colour. I’d say it’s a blue between a turquoise and a baby blue. Most lakes in British Columbia are more of a green or grey looking colour depending on the weather. Also, if there isn’t any wind so that the lake is still, you can’t hear anything at all.

I definitely want to go back and spend perhaps a night at the lake. Thank you Vancouver for having great weather yesterday!



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  1. dw said, on January 19, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    what camera do you use? your pictures are so crisp.

    • jlyip said, on March 11, 2011 at 8:21 pm

      Hi dw, I just use a regular point and shoot camera. It’s actually quite a few years old, so it’s pretty beat up now. I’ve taken it on trips everywhere: up mountains, down rivers, and through multiple cities. I think the photos are crisp because I’m pretty lucky with getting good lighting, and shooting at a large size and resolution.

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