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Shilin Night Market and KTV (士林夜市和好樂迪KTV)

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Oyster omelette place. The neon lights. Hunky dory. Taipei is neato.

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

This time, I actually went to the real Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)! And not just the area just off of the Jiantan MRT station (劍潭車站) when I went to see the ISWAK 2 promotion. And the other time, I accidentally went to the wrong one at the Shilin MRT station (士林車站).

Food was good, just like last time. The bunch of us ate at the oyster omelette shop where the star of Taiwanese drama, Corner With Love (轉角*遇到愛) was taught how to make oyster omelettes. Yay! I used to watch that show in Canada. The oyster omelettes were GOOD. Oyster omelettes = 蚵仔煎。

After, some shopping at Shilin. Lots of things to buy.


080117-holiday.png VS 080117-partyworld.png

Lastly, KTV from near midnight to 5-6 ish in the morning. Wow! 6 hours at KTV! This time, I went to a Holiday KTV (好樂迪) place instead of a Party World KTV place (錢櫃PartyWorld). Apparently there’s only 2 KTV chains in Taipei…or so I’ve heard.

I had a lot of fun at KTV.

I’m finding more and more it’s the company you keep and the attitude you have towards things that make things cross over into the very fun category.

For about 400 NTD, the whole 6 hour KTV experience was quite an affordable affair. The buffet was pretty good, too. I still can’t believe we made it through 6 hours of KTV. Wow.

And one of the lovely things we did was have breakfast together. Last time that happened was when we came back from Mint and had a very late night snack. Eating together beats watching television and playing videogames by a longshot. Yatta!

My friends are awesome for knowing about all sorts of things in Taipei and whatnot. Because of them, I think Taipei is really growing on me.


Cantonese and KTV

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For the first time ever, I went to KTV. KTV is basically Karaoke in an enclosed room where you and your friends can enjoy yourself eating, drinking and singing. There are TVs, microphones and a mini stage where you can perform for each other.

At Ximending, basically a night hang-out hub for high school students just off the MRT station, Ximen, was Party World. Apparently, it’s one of the most expensive KTV places around. It was about 450 NT for 3 hours with food and drink. I forget how much food and drink you had to order up to. This means it was about $15 CDN. I was later told that to go to KTV in Canada, it’s about $25 per hour. So, Taiwan is rather inexpensive for Canadians. For now.

Oh, I guess for all those EAP students I went with (Californians), it was a bit less. The interesting thing about most of the EAP students is that most are Taiwanese, although, a few aren’t. With the other people I went with, there was another Canadian and a smattering of people from other countries.

Anyways, entering Party World was like going into a nice hotel. The KTV room inside was a very nice sound proof room with dark, earthy colours. Much of what you’d expect from the inside of a cruise boat or a nice reading room.

I didn’t sing this time, however, I’d like to be able to sing something in Chinese next time. The nice thing about KTV is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t sing so well because the only people that are watching and listening are your friends who are there to have a good time, like you.

What was really neat was that despite the fact that all of us at Party World were in Taiwan to learn Mandarin, some were united by Cantonese as being the most comfortable language to speak in. While English is used the most within all the exchange students, some just aren’t as comfortable speaking and using English. So, we had lots of Cantonese song at KTV. =) It was nice to hear some Cantonese.

So, this was done the night before my Chinese classes started – at 8:00 am. But between doing this and staying in my room sleeping early… I’d choose KTV.