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Mosquitoes and Cockroaches

Posted in Clothing, Cockroaches, Food, Miscellaneous, Outdoors, Taipei by J on September 14, 2007

Here is where you learn a lesson from me:

Wash your clothes so that you have clothing to wear.

If you don’t do this, you’ll end up with something like say… a dress to wear for the day. This is a bad idea if you forget to wear DEET at night. As a foreigner, the mosquitos here love me to bits, among other crawlies. So, don’t do it unless you wear DEET. Or if you’re Taiwanese. They seem to hardly get any mosquito bites compared to me. They don’t swell like I do either. Lucky. I’m slightly bitter about it, as you can tell. Hehe.

Oh and the cockroaches. This night I went with some friends to a slightly more expensive place to eat at than normal. Normal being about 70 NTD for dinner, at this place, I paid 90 NTD for dinner. However, the money was well spent as at this Japanese restaurant, I had a main dish (a good sized portion), a drink, ice cream and a salad (which wasn’t… it was a mashed potato… what is up with no vegetables here?).

Haha! The best part was just before our meal came at this slightly more upscale place (being clean and having agreeable furnishings) was that I spied a cockroach in the dining area that came out of nowhere. And out of nowhere came a big foot that stomped down on it and basically killed it. Haha! To think that I haven’t seen cockroaches (yet) in not-so-nice restaurants but saw one in a nicer one. The irony. Haha!