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I would freeze to death if this was Taipei. There’s no indoor heating in the dormitory.

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful

~ lyrics by Sammy Cahn
from “Let it Snow”

Although I spend a lot more time indoors, and move less than before (yet consume more), it’s all excusable.

There’s indoor heating.


Adjusting to Toilet Paper Disposal Practices

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Clear skies make for cold temperatures.

It is so weird to throw toilet paper in a toilet again!

I’m severely tempted to throw it in the wastebasket beside the toilet.

In further news: It’s cold.


There’s actually no snow right now. It’s a photo from last winter.

Shilin Night Market and KTV (士林夜市和好樂迪KTV)

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Oyster omelette place. The neon lights. Hunky dory. Taipei is neato.

Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

This time, I actually went to the real Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)! And not just the area just off of the Jiantan MRT station (劍潭車站) when I went to see the ISWAK 2 promotion. And the other time, I accidentally went to the wrong one at the Shilin MRT station (士林車站).

Food was good, just like last time. The bunch of us ate at the oyster omelette shop where the star of Taiwanese drama, Corner With Love (轉角*遇到愛) was taught how to make oyster omelettes. Yay! I used to watch that show in Canada. The oyster omelettes were GOOD. Oyster omelettes = 蚵仔煎。

After, some shopping at Shilin. Lots of things to buy.


080117-holiday.png VS 080117-partyworld.png

Lastly, KTV from near midnight to 5-6 ish in the morning. Wow! 6 hours at KTV! This time, I went to a Holiday KTV (好樂迪) place instead of a Party World KTV place (錢櫃PartyWorld). Apparently there’s only 2 KTV chains in Taipei…or so I’ve heard.

I had a lot of fun at KTV.

I’m finding more and more it’s the company you keep and the attitude you have towards things that make things cross over into the very fun category.

For about 400 NTD, the whole 6 hour KTV experience was quite an affordable affair. The buffet was pretty good, too. I still can’t believe we made it through 6 hours of KTV. Wow.

And one of the lovely things we did was have breakfast together. Last time that happened was when we came back from Mint and had a very late night snack. Eating together beats watching television and playing videogames by a longshot. Yatta!

My friends are awesome for knowing about all sorts of things in Taipei and whatnot. Because of them, I think Taipei is really growing on me.

Clubbing at Party Room


Inside this huge, out of this world mall named The Living Mall (京華城), there are 2 clubs on the 12th floor to choose from. That night, we went to Party Room. Checking out Plush will be for another time. Also, I think I’ll have to go take a look at the mall in the daytime. It is so cool looking.

We went in with a huge group on Ladies’ Night (a long line up to get in). 17 of us in total, mixed company, sending off a friend. So, as a matter of course, we rented out a booth to sit and lounge at.

Oh, oh! Something really funny that I saw while I was dancing near the front with my friends was that when I looked behind us, there was this sea of guys barely moving their shoulders or anything…just staring at the front. That was kind of creepy. Quite robotic like.

Party Room Disadvantage
However, one downside to Party Room was the drinks. They were decidedly awful. Any of the cocktails I got were, in plain, gross. Only the beer was passable because those weren’t made up by the bartenders. Perhaps the bartenders were new or something.

Taxis in Taipei. They are so convenient (and cheap)! Especially if the public transportation is closed down. I just realised it’s like having your own personal chauffeur. Oddly, they all seem to be old men driving the taxis. Well, I guess that isn’t quite so odd.

An aside:
I just made the connection today the reason they were showing My Chemical Romance (an American rock band) on the overhead screens all night long. Apparently, they’re going to be performing at the club very soon.

Last thought:
This progression of liking this sort of night life is an interesting phenomenon. A sort of letting go and having control at the same time. Who would have thought?

Term 1 is Ending! The Final Push

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The year starts off slightly off-centred. A new adventure to be found every day!

A news brief to kick off the new year…

With this week left before the finals start, it’s starting to get a little… how shall I say this? It’s time to turn the gas on! Vroom, vroom!

Reporting on other areas:

This month has been the preparation and steeling of feelings, for people are departing throughout this month. Many of whom I will probably never see again. But hey! At least there’s the internet… and visitation rights.

So, in culmination, in contrast to December’s mostly party-like atmosphere (as much as we could make it), January looks to be a balance between send-offs and school.

Finally a posting related to academics.