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Ice Skating at Taipei Arena (台北小巨蛋)

Posted in Outdoors, Sightseeing, Taipei, Taiwanese People, Weather by J on December 3, 2007

Ice skating!

Something remotely winter-like in the warmth of Taipei!

With a fun group of people who hadn’t really ice skated before, we all went over to the Taipei Arena (台北小巨蛋) on Nanjing E. Road, Sec. 4 (南京東路四段). The Taipei Arena is huge. What I really liked were the massive ads that played across the outside of the arena like a massive banner. However, I doubt as many people look at the ads that play at the arena as compared to the massive neon-lit advertisements of Ximending (西門町). I wonder how much the arena makes because of these ads.

Anyways, for about 200 NTD + 50 NTD, we rented skates and protective equipment for 2 hours, the extra 50 NTD were for the gloves, which apparently are mandatory. I had forgotten the pleasure of gliding across the ice, well, as best as I could manage. There were children doing jumps! = O

It was a great idea. The coldness was just about right and hanging out was great too. I’m glad that I was invited along. Yay for the cold of the ice rink!


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