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Taiwanese Aboriginal People’s Concert (原住民音樂會)

Posted in Bicycle, Night Life, NTU, Observations, Outdoors, Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwanese People, Thoughts, Weather by J on November 10, 2007


A slightly awkward title, but it seems to do the job of describing what I saw at Da’an Park (大安森林公園). The aboriginal people that performed ranged from the Hakka to aboriginal groups that have long been a part of Taiwan.

After a quick bike ride to the park from NTU and settling into some seats, the slightly chilly evening kicked off with different musical acts from different aboriginal groups. However, the climax with all of the groups together was quite cool. It showed some sort of harmony altogether thing. I wonder if any of these groups of people warred against each other in the past.

Interestingly, this show defied my expectations of what a aboriginal show would. There was not only more traditional music to showcase the culture of the different aboriginal peoples that were there, there were even music acts that included rapping and modern musical instruments like the guitar.


I’m glad that I was asked out to go check out this event because now I have a slightly fuller picture of what “Taiwan” is all about. Thought: Are shows like this supposed to show the success of the Taiwanese aboriginal peoples in integrating into modern day Taiwan but at the same time still keeping their own unique identity? Most likely. I wonder exactly how “successful” they have been and what “success” is defined as. I think a similar situation exists in Canada concerning the First Nations people.

Also, hanging out with people is fun too. I just need to dress a bit warmer next time. Yay for free outdoor music concerts!


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  1. janet said, on January 24, 2008 at 9:19 am

    hey, i guess you’re talking about the native resident in TW, right?
    then it should be 原住民 instead of 人住民 ^^

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