Thoughts of a Canadian Exchange Student


Posted in Chinese, Looking Taiwanese, Miscellaneous, Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwanese People by J on September 19, 2007

I’ve recently decided something.

I will change how I look into something that will help me blend in better than I already do. This way, I can go against stereotype – as long as I don’t open my mouth and start speaking in Chinese. My accent and pronunciation totally gives me away. I think that this will be a fun experiment.

Hmm what else needs to be fixed/changed… I need to stop liking exercise and being outside: I’m much too dark. I wonder what sort of psychological and emotional shifts this experiment will change. Hmm…

I think I’ll go almost all out (need a cushion). When? Sometime before I leave Taiwan. Also, I need some time to play out my experiment, too. Also, to do it all at once or gradually, I don’t know. I think I’ll just leave it up to my mood and daring in the near future.

That is all.


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