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Gongguan Night Market (公館夜市)

Posted in Miscellaneous, Night Market, NTU, Observations, Outdoors, Shopping, Taipei by J on September 1, 2007

My new underwear.

I like the Gongguan Night Market. Actually, I like night markets in general now (but not the stinky tofu smell – but I still want to try to eat it!) Especially since I got some underwear and socks from there. Yay!

I got three pairs of underwear for 100 NT!! I got a yellow one, a blue one, and a black striped one. All 3 were kinds I haven’t had before. So, I’m very excited about them. Also, I got 3 pairs of socks for 100 NT! I guess this is rather cheap for this stuff because the quality isn’t so bad either. I remember looking at underwear at Walmart where it was approximately the same amount of money, but the quality was much shoddier.

In general, shopping here is much cheaper and easier to access than at home. However, that might have to do with the location of NTU more than anything else. But what I really like is that most things are within walking, biking or MRT distance in the city here. At home, you usually need a car or wait a long time to bus.

What I especially like is that everything fits me here. Really! The shoes fit my feet, the clothing fits my body. It’s all good! No more hemming clothing and whatnot. On the flip side, for people that fit the clothing in their own country but not here in Taiwan, it isn’t so great. But yeah, they fit!

Last note: The strangest thing that I heard that night was music coming from, not the ice cream trucks, but the garbage trucks. Hehe!


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