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The Rest of the Day

Posted in Bicycle, Chinese, Looking Taiwanese, Money, NTU, Phone, Shopping, Taipei, Transportation by J on August 28, 2007

My bicycle.

Let’s see, where did I leave off? Oh yes, being frustrated and bitter after a fruitless search for that Holy Grail of a bank. Maybe I am cynical but I know that I’m definitely sarcastic.

Anyways, my volunteer (notice the lack of names?) saved my butt. Really. I think I may have given up and just got a ticket home had we not agreed to meet up.

We met at SL (Shen Li / Victory) which is a “we carry everything” type of store. Very close by too, which is a great thing. So, across the street we went and back into the same bank as yesterday with the same greeter and same teller. The irony! Or just regular work hours. Taiwan Fuban Bank. I could also be from Hong Kong, apparently. So, my traveller’s cheques were finally changed after taking off about 300NT of my 400USD in fees. Whatever. At least this time, I wasn’t told to go to some far away (read: sketchy) place to get them changed, by the same teller, no less! All in all, it was a very long process. However, I did get what I needed, and that is the bottom line. Note to self: Look more foreign.

After this and a quick scooter ride (they look so sketchy and dangerous. But it was fine riding on it because my volunteer’s a good driver), we arrived at the bike shop. There, I bought a second-hand bike at 900NT, a lock at 100NT and some foot rest add-on thingys (80NT) so a person can stand on the back of your bike which you ride. As I found out later, they are quite useful. The bike shop is fairly close to the IYC/Guoqing dormitories, maybe a 6 minute walk. It runs on the road that is parallel to Xin Hai Road and is on the left side when you face up the road.

After, we went to get a cell phone, but alas! I need an ARC (Alien Residence Card) to get a SIM card. However, I bought a cell phone for about 2000NT and will get the SIM card afterwards. This shop is just outside the Main Gate of NTU. Again, very close.

And that basically wrapped up the afternoon of my day which was, by far the most productive of it and not wrapped up in frustration and lack of understanding of another system, another way of doing things.

A Quick Overview of these Two Posts:
So, in total, these two posts covered:
– Changing Traveller’s Cheques
– Getting a second-hand bicycle
– Getting a cell-phone
– What the dorms look like
– Some other dorm stuff
– Where to buy stuff you need (Shen Li / Victory)


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